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Peggy Rowe-Ward's Dharma Talks at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Peggy Rowe-Ward
Dr. Peggy Rowe aspires to grow her heart as wide as the world. Her education is in counseling psychology and education. She works with clients in spiritual direction, and also supports clients and organizations in trauma resiliency. She is on the faculty of Atlantic University’s MA in Mindful Leadership. Peggy co-authored two books, Making Friends with Time and Love’s Garden and is currently completing a book for parents and teachers practicing mindfulness with children and young adults. She has been studying and traveling to support the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh for 25 years. Peggy received the dharma lamp from her teacher in 2001 and he married Peggy and Larry in 1994. She loves to sing and is crazy for dogs.
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