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Dharma Talks given at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
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2021-08-14 The Search for Safe Ground 54:18
Ajahn Sucitto
There are many kinds of world – biological, political, and so on. Their common source of discord is selfishness, the separatist, supremacist view. The common intention of all worlds is the search for safe ground. We might start with a safe human environment, then establish safe embodiment. When there is safety, security and truthfulness, by itself citta opens and brings forth its own qualities – love, wisdom and morality. These are our unique offerings to heal the discord in any world.
The Sacred Cosmos

2021-08-13 Guided Meditation – Liberating the Body 49:33
Ajahn Sucitto
This body that we can see as an object it’s also a subject – it’s a feeling, intelligent creature. Start with this right attitude, right view, and open the mind from the assumptions about body as an object to treating it as a sensitive creature. As we liberate this creature from clinging and identity, the witnessing heart – awareness – becomes more steady and peaceful.
The Sacred Cosmos

2021-08-13 The Myth of the Individual 47:01
Ajahn Sucitto
We see ourselves as separate from the rest of the world, but we’re not. We are a meeting point of all kinds of relational qualities, qualities that can be imbued with Dhamma to make our experience a mandala of sharing and communion. Stress comes from developing an ineffectual relationship with what happens. We practice to come out of the worldly dividedness into something more compassionate, deep, less isolated. This is sacred practice.
The Sacred Cosmos

2021-05-22 A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy on Grief, Gratitude, and Belonging 1:32:11
Joanna Macy, Stephanie Kaza
The powerful COVID-19 virus teacher has brought us to the brink of widespread systems change and deep uncertainty about how things will unfold. There is a hunger for a more profound understanding of the links between ecosystem collapse and public health threats, between patterns of economic domination and racial injustice. Systems thinking and Buddhist views together offer skillful means for making sense of these interlocking calls for action.
A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy on Grief, Gratitude, and Belonging

2021-03-21 Buddhism, Race, and American Belonging: An Asian American View 1:34:31
Duncan Ryūken Williams, Chenxing Han
Where do we find home? How do we become free together? How do we find a place of refuge and belonging in a world often intent on exclusion? These have been enduring questions for American Buddhists of Asian ancestry since the 1850s when the first Buddhist temples were built in the U.S. by immigrants and their descendants. Today, people of Asian heritage make up more than two-thirds of American Buddhists. Yet the histories and perspectives of Asian American Buddhists remain marginalized in many sanghas. What can we learn from Buddhist Asian American insights about navigating the complexities of identity and building an American Sangha that values multiplicity over singularity, hybridity over purity, and inclusivity over exclusivity? How does centering Asian American voices expand our understandings of race, identity, and belonging in American Buddhism? What can Buddhists of all backgrounds learn from Asian American Buddhists when it comes to building multiracial coalitions and inclusive communities? In dialogue with each other and with participants, Duncan Ryūken Williams and Chenxing Han will draw from their respective books, American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War (Harvard University Press, 2019) and Be the Refuge: Raising the Voices of Asian American Buddhists (North Atlantic Books, 2021). These groundbreaking works form the basis for a timely conversation on buried histories, trailblazing contributions, race and identity, belonging and refuge.
Buddhism, Race, and American Belonging: An Asian American View

2021-01-17 The Deepest Peace: Contemplations From a Season of Stillness 1:29:53
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Kaishin Unique Holland
This talk is a meditation, reading, and conversation between Zenju Sensei and Kaishin Unique Holland, Zen practitioner and educator, on Sensei’s latest publication, The Deepest Peace: Contemplations From a Season of Stillness (Parallax Press). Deep peace is possible. Do we resist peace for fear of passivity? Please join us as Zenju Sensei shares her reflections on the possibility of inner peace despite the chaos that surrounds us. “There is a peace that appears without effort. Like the desert filling up your eyes. It appears like snow, wind or rain. The simple willingness to be close to the earth will open ground for the deepest peace. It arrives on its own if we let it.”- from The Deepest Peace
The Deepest Peace: Contemplations From a Season of Stillness

2020-12-20 A Solstice Eve Sound Meditation with Laurie Anderson 65:20
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson has been practicing Buddhist meditation and investigating the nature of sound for more than forty-five years. Please join Laurie for a freely offered sound meditation in support of BCBS and IMS exploring some of what we might be learning about sound, communication, and empathy in the covid era. We are happy to present this program in collaboration with the Insight Meditation Society (IMS).
A Solstice Eve Sound Meditation with Laurie Anderson

2020-12-12 Mindfully Confronting Racism: Buddhism and the Inner Work of Racial Justice 1:29:13
Rhonda Magee, Bhikkhu Analayo
In a time of painful political and racial division, polarization, and the slow drift toward dystopia, what do Buddhist thought and practice offer us in our efforts to deepen wellbeing, understanding, engagement, and ethical action? In this practice and inquiry session, freely offered in support of BCBS, Bhikkhu Anālayo and Rhonda Myozen Magee explore how mindfulness can increase our capacity to address racism and other socially-constructed oppressions and vulnerabilities in our times.
Mindfully Confronting Racism: Buddhism and the Inner Work of Racial Justice

2020-11-23 Dharma Transmission: A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein and Dawn Scott 1:29:40
Joseph Goldstein, Dawn Scott, William Edelglass
How are we called to transmit and receive Buddhist wisdom and practice today? This is an especially important question for contemporary students and those who themselves are training to become dharma teachers and their mentors. What is the significance of the mentor-mentee relationship? In what ways might American-convert Buddhism be transformed as the community of students and dharma teachers becomes more diverse? From its beginning, Buddhism has emphasized that impermanence is a mark of all existence; it is not surprising that as it has been transmitted to different cultures, across vast geographical regions over more than two millennia, Buddhism itself has been constantly changing. As Buddhadharma is transmitted and transformed by a new generation, how do we remain grounded in the liberating wisdom and practices of the traditions we have inherited even as we directly address the turbulence and urgency of our times, and share these teachings with an ever-growing and changing community of practitioners? An evening of meditation and conversation as we explore these questions with BCBS co-founder Joseph Goldstein, BCBS teacher Dawn Scott, and BCBS Director of Studies William Edelglass.
Dharma Transmission: A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein and Dawn Scott

2019-07-10 Love in the Time of Extinction: Dharma Practice, Climate, Ecology and Non-Violent Civil Disobedience 65:00
Yanai Postelnik
How practices of awakening and compassion converge with conscientiously choosing to disobey the law, in responding to the climate and ecological emergency we face. What does dharma practice look like in the face of a Climate and Ecological emergency? How do the Buddha’s wisdom teachings and compassionate practices empower us to meet this crisis? How do we keep our heart open while engaging with our inner responses and the outer situation?

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