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Dharma Talks given at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
2020-12-12 Mindfully Confronting Racism: Buddhism and the Inner Work of Racial Justice 1:29:13
Bhikkhu Analayo, Rhonda Magee
In a time of painful political and racial division, polarization, and the slow drift toward dystopia, what do Buddhist thought and practice offer us in our efforts to deepen wellbeing, understanding, engagement, and ethical action? In this practice and inquiry session, freely offered in support of BCBS, Bhikkhu Anālayo and Rhonda Myozen Magee explore how mindfulness can increase our capacity to address racism and other socially-constructed oppressions and vulnerabilities in our times.
Mindfully Confronting Racism: Buddhism and the Inner Work of Racial Justice

2020-11-23 Dharma Transmission: A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein and Dawn Scott 1:29:40
Dawn Scott, Joseph Goldstein, William Edelglass
How are we called to transmit and receive Buddhist wisdom and practice today? This is an especially important question for contemporary students and those who themselves are training to become dharma teachers and their mentors. What is the significance of the mentor-mentee relationship? In what ways might American-convert Buddhism be transformed as the community of students and dharma teachers becomes more diverse? From its beginning, Buddhism has emphasized that impermanence is a mark of all existence; it is not surprising that as it has been transmitted to different cultures, across vast geographical regions over more than two millennia, Buddhism itself has been constantly changing. As Buddhadharma is transmitted and transformed by a new generation, how do we remain grounded in the liberating wisdom and practices of the traditions we have inherited even as we directly address the turbulence and urgency of our times, and share these teachings with an ever-growing and changing community of practitioners? An evening of meditation and conversation as we explore these questions with BCBS co-founder Joseph Goldstein, BCBS teacher Dawn Scott, and BCBS Director of Studies William Edelglass.
Dharma Transmission: A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein and Dawn Scott

2019-07-10 Love in the Time of Extinction: Dharma Practice, Climate, Ecology and Non-Violent Civil Disobedience 65:00
Yanai Postelnik
How practices of awakening and compassion converge with conscientiously choosing to disobey the law, in responding to the climate and ecological emergency we face. What does dharma practice look like in the face of a Climate and Ecological emergency? How do the Buddha’s wisdom teachings and compassionate practices empower us to meet this crisis? How do we keep our heart open while engaging with our inner responses and the outer situation?

2019-04-27 Afternoon Session: Guided Meditation, Identification, Four Foundations of Mindfulness 2:04:03
Michael Grady
The Dharma and Difficult Emotions

2018-09-09 Afternoon Sit 50:41
Ajahn Jayanto
Dukkha, the Suffering that Leads to the End of Suffering

2018-08-14 Evening Session: Dharma Talk 67:29
Gregory Kramer
Insight Dialogue (ID) Training for Vipassana and ID Teachers and Trainees

2018-05-09 Building on Retreat, Taking the Practice Home 20:07
Oren Jay Sofer
Closing Session (part 4): Short reflections on taking the practice home and deepening insights (with comments from Bart van Melik).
Relational Dharma: Waking up Together

2018-05-09 A Meditation for Difficult Conversations: Guidance from the Suttas 2:37:27
Oren Jay Sofer
Closing Session - part 1. In this short teaching and guided meditation, we explore how to use the meditation instructions in the Simile of the Saw (Kakchupama Sutta, MN. 21) as preparation and cultivation for difficult conversations.
Relational Dharma: Waking up Together

2018-05-07 Guided Meditation: Relaxing into the Moment 28:43
Bart van Melik
Relational Dharma: Waking up Together

2018-05-05 Reflections on Right Speech 25:45
Oren Jay Sofer
Brief reflections on right speech and the ethical guidelines offered by the Buddha.
Relational Dharma: Waking up Together

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